Internet Research Services

Why would a copywriter need an Internet Research Specialist? First, let’s look at the single-biggest “WRONG REASON” you might imagine a copywriter would need to hire an Internet Research Specialist; you can’t find the information. Most people in business today — particularly in information-based businesses — have sufficient skills using Google and other search engines to find information online. The information is well indexed out there. So, you don’t necessarily need Simmons BOSS CREATIONS to help you find the information.

So, what’s the single-biggest “RIGHT REASON” a person needs to hire Simmons BOSS CREATIONS as an Internet Research Specialist? Time! Our best clients will be those that are the busiest, and who know the value of their time. If your are booked doing work that’s worth $100, $200, $1,000 an hour, you’re looking to outsource as much work as you can that doesn’t match that value. And, you’ll pay premium prices for someone who can reliably deliver work that gets you what you need while allowing you to focus on your highest value tasks.

Simmons BOSS CREATIONS biggest value to you is in the time we save you. Sure, most of you will be able to do the work yourselves. You may even be able to do it better than Simmons BOSS CREATIONS, faster than us, and to dig up more research if you invested the time. But you don’t want to invest the time! You want to be doing things other than sorting through the millions and millions of web pages out there to find relevant information to support your copy and content writing. You have many items on your to-do list that create maximum value, and earn you more money than spending hours on research.

By honing in on all the information out there, and delivering only the most relevant research for you to sort through, Simmons BOSS CREATIONS is able to save you hours and hours of work. This is where our value is.